Wisconsin Fear Grounds

Located in Waukesha Wisconsin


This year, “We’re not only going to Scare you; we are going to @#$% you up for life!” There is a reason the Wisconsin Fear Grounds was rated the #1 Haunted House in America by Haunted Attraction Magazine, Haunted House Ratings.com, and CNBC.

Returning for our 13th year is Morgan Manor, where over 10,000 square feet of screams is taunting you to come inside. Don’t worry, we still have the surrender rule so that when you get too freaked out, you can still quit.

Brand new for 2016 is the madness we call “TWISTED.” This haunted house is just wrong and the one place where you will lose yourself and all touch with reality. It is so wickedly evil… It’s Twisted.

Unstable – What pain was once limited to the indoors has now spread. The evil has consumed the rest of the grounds, as Morgana and her minions have found refuge in the stables of this once elegant estate to unleash even more horror, “Unstable”. The outdoors are no longer refuge from the terror of her home as you try to escape, Unstable is waiting to greet you.

You asked, and we answered. By popular demand, our sick team of designers has come up with a new Escape room challenge, “Zaszu.” Can you escape in under 5 minutes before Zaszu consumes your soul? If you think so, then jump right in. You weren’t going to live forever anyway.

Now for the really BIG SURPRISE – “Night Terrors: 13 Hours of FEAR!” It’s the only horrifically wicked Saturday Night Slumber Party in Wisconsin. Join us on October 8th for the most interactive and terrifying Halloween experience of your life as you get up close and personal with the undead throughout a nocturnal adventure. Everyone has seen a scary movie, but Night Terrors gives you and your friends the chance to actually star in one!

We know… you are that one person who can’t be scared. You are afraid of nothing. You laugh while others scream. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Join the other brave souls as you attempt to spend one long October night with our horrific horde. You will pray for morning to come as Night Terrors rolls on. Your fate is sealed. Your friends are gone!

Space for “Night Terrors: 13 Hours of FEAR!” is limited so reserve your space NOW!