Special Events

Mingle With A Monster

Friday, October 13th at 11pm
For one price you get all 3 Wisconsin Fear Grounds Haunted Houses, a Speed Pass through the initial queue line area, a once in a life time behind the Screams (scenes) tour of Morgan Manor and a Bon Fire from Midnight to 2am which will be attended by your favorite Monsters from the Wisconsin Fear Grounds.

What a great way to celebrate Friday the 13th…act fast because when these limited tickets for this once in a life time Friday the 13th event are gone, they are gone forever…This may be your only chance to get a look behind the Screams of Morgan Manor and to Mingle around a Bon Fire with your favorite monsters.


HEX – All New 60 minute Escape Room Adventure

New at the Wisconsin Fear Grounds in 2017 is the hour-long adventure, HEX, our completely new Escape Room. Once you’ve stepped into the HEX, it’s not a matter of WHEN you’ll get out but rather IF you’ll escape at all.

As soon as you enter HEX, you’ll feel the evil wandering in search of new souls to devour. Your presence is an intrusion into this coven protected by the evil spirits but specifically by the spell placed upon it. Your only hope for salvation is to decipher her riddles, magic and codes because at the top of the hours your soul shall burn.

Will you escape…the HEX??