Special Events

All New Escape Room Adventure

New at the Wisconsin Fear Grounds in 2018 is the hour-long adventure, ANGUISH, our completely new Escape Room.

In the last millennial, the twin offspring of the Great Witch Morgana and her paramour Mordred un-expectantly wandered into the hidden chambers beneath Morgan Manor while at play.

There they learned the darkest secrets of their evil parents. Potions, Spells and Alchemy were just the beginning of the skills these two mastered and ones they were determined to unleash upon an unsuspecting world. But fate intervened.

Something strange and unexplained happened to them while within the deepest bowels of their hidden sanctuary.

Some say, they died, others claim, that their evil deeds consumed their minds and they still wander in the darkness waiting to exact their revenge upon any who enter in search of the riches that lay within.

Today the walls Seem to be closing in on you. The putrid chambErs that lay beneath you hold the challenges that will determine your fate. Freedom or destruction? SucCess or elimination? Welcome to your new reality. Welcome to Anguish.

As you enter, the series of challenges that await were designed to confuse, confound and destRoy your will to overcome. Only by working together and focusing on the details around you can you hopE to navigate through the darkness and reemerge on the other side.

The fortunaTe few that find themselves in the final chamber will come face to face with a horrifying realization, the final chamber has been packed with black powder and dynamite.

As yoUr time ticks away, you can choose to locate the tools and clues needed to disarM the explosive timer or you can focus solely on the key that will free you from this den of destruction. Save yourselves or save everyone from Anguish.